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Some inspections are required, some are not. Most inspections are scheduled during the sale of a property.  a home is usually a person’s biggest investment or purchase. Is ALWAYS a good idea to verify the health of a property before you commit a large amount of hard earned dollars.

  • Some mortgage companies require a comprehensive(full), some do not. Plain and simple. If a bank is loaning you money to purchase a home, they want to be assured of the condition of there investment. What in most cases are required, are the insurance inspections.
  • Upon receiving a commitment from the bank, for the loan, you are required to ensure the property. The insurance company also needs assurance of the property’s condition in the form of insurance inspections.
  • In general, inspections are performed as preemptive measures to safeguard against high the cost of unforeseen and unknown damage.


Everyone wants to save money and be more efficient when it comes to there home. We provide accurate and reliable inspections. We perform inspections to help decrease insurance costs and analyze property condition for future repairs and associated costs.

4-Point Inspection

4-Point Inspections

A four point inspection is usually required on new home purchases as well new insurance purchases and insurance renewals. Insurance companies, in general, require 4-point inspections on homes over a certain age.

Message from Owner

It is our goal to provide quality service while educating our clients on insurance and home maintenance issues.  We use innovative and cutting edge tools to provide the absolute best results for our clients. Our company is personable and in touch with the neighborhood. We have accumulated a great wealth of networking partners to further assist our clients with their goals of a happy home ownership and reasonable insurance.

-Jeffery Archer

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